The last 10 years I have been a Product Designer and team leader building complex software systems focused on human-centered research and design.

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Here is a sample of my work.

Recent Work

Genesis Platform

Consumer Targeting

Genesis Platform

Campaign Management

Genesis Platform

Campaign Execution

PlayMaker CRM

iOS & Android App

MaxPoint Interactive

Retail Analytics


Here is a sample of my my process.

Research and Requirements

I define the product design strategy from concept to creation while collaborating with Product Management and Engineering to ensure features have a lasting impact on the end user’s experience. In the early stages of the product lifecycle, I like to be a part of the research process. This includes shadowing and user interviews and then documenting the information in high-level pain points and workflow diagrams. This research allows the Product Team to have an open dialogue about pain points and needs which helps frame feature urgency.

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Wireframing and Testing

After clear requirements and features have been established, I move onto wireframing and prototyping. When solid design ideas are reviewed internally, we will user-test the prototype and incorporate any pertinent feedback from those sessions.

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Visual Design and Testing

Once wireframes have been tested, iterated upon and validated, visual design styles can be applied. Once these are reviewed once internally, they will be tested and validated again.

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So here's the story...

  • April 1980:

    Born to Design

    I was born in Hickory North Carolina to a teacher and an attorney. I loved playing with Lego®, drawing and making music. I still do, actually.

  • August 1998:

    Off to College

    In the fall of 1998 I started college at Appalachian State University. I completed my design work too early (some would say exactly on time) and I didn't feel my arsenal of design tools was complete. I took up my second major (Computer Information Systems) in the fall of 2001 so that I could really complete the package.

  • April 2004:

    First Real Job

    This is not my baby... although I have two kids of my own now, I was also still felt like a in this picture. My first real job was doing graphic design in Chapel Hill.

  • August 2009:

    Back to School (Kind of)

    I took some time off to freelance and get a Webmaster Certification from NC State University because I wanted to get into the tech space. Boy, did it pay off. This was the spark that eventually lead me to a career in Interaction Design and UX.

  • August 2018 and Beyond!

    Senior Interaction Designer

    These are my babies! I am now a Senior Interaction Designer and I love building empathy and creating friction-free user experiences.

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