Customer Relationship Management

PlayMaker CRM is a customer relationship management platform for Home Health and Hospice providers.

Relationships with customers are typically fostered outside the digital world. But managing them on a digital platform is something people have been doing for decades.

Playmaker’s decade-old mobile app was was built without any user feedback. What resulted was a bloated app that was also sluggish and lacked uniformity.


The Problem:

In the first version of the application the home screen was the calendar. Many of our users utlizied other calendar applciations (native or third-party) for this function, so forcing this feature onto users didn't make sense.

Through user interviews, I realized the application had a navigation model that only appeased a third of our users. With this information I decided to test three popular navigation models.

The Three most-common mobile navigation patterns:


Hidden (Hamburger)


Hub and Spoke



The Solution:

After conducting user tests, the hamburger navigation pattern failed despite its ubiquity and popularity amongst our engineers.

Next, I tested the hub and spoke model, which put the calendar an extra tap away from users, but allowed for a flexible one-size-fits all approach for all of the other features.

Last, I ran users through a prototype that featured an anchored navigation pattern. Realtively unique to iOS, this pattern seemed to have problems with discoverability.

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